That Good Cheese

· By Team PLEASE

Welcome to the Please Music Archives.

Congratulations for making it through five thousand, two hundred and eleven days of January…and welcome to February! The month of love. Even just the way ‘February’ sounds feels delicious and fabulous. With good reason though, January can be a hard month. We’re still trying to lap up the last of our best Dezemba lives when our bank balances are out here fighting for their lives.

But as we slip into the second month of 2024, we can exhale and relax into this fresh new year and most importantly the sexiest month on the annual calendar.

If you’re like me, and a sucker for love which translates to lowkey loving the tacky marketing ploys, then you know the Feb vibes I’m referring to. And if you hate Valentine’s Day, well, unfortunately for you, there’s quite literally no avoiding all the red fluff and pink chocolates.

Where am I going with this? Well, do you follow us on instagram? If not, please do! But if you do, and hopefully you’ve indulged in some of our sexy stories / reels - stay with me - that are always accompanied by extremely well considered and hand picked tracks.

Then you are in luck, because we’ve decided to share this archive of tracks that we love, just in time for the month of love. Some call it cheese, but we like to call it ‘that good cheese’ because let’s face it, each of these songs are ICONIC.

We’ll leave you here with this link in anticipation, hopefully very excited to explore and enjoy.

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