Refreshments, please.

· By Team PLEASE

Another exciting collab with Pienaar & Sons

Last Valentine's day we partnered up with Pienaar & Sons to create an Aphrodisiac Aperitif , which many of us now know and love. A bottle of Please Aperitif paired with some essential Please products made Valentine’s Day a piece of cake.

One year later, we are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up once again with the amazing team at Pienaar & Sons not only to relaunch our famous Aperitif but something new, something fresh.

Just in case you’ve never heard of our ​​Please Aphrodisiac Aperitif…
We’ve carefully formulated this aperitif to spice things up, wet your palate and create a totally sensory experience.
The Please Aphrodisiac Aperitif is designed to allow you to explore the aromatic world of our natural aphrodisiac, by being expertly blended to heighten any experience.

We’ve worked with some classic ingredients to get you going : Fig, Honey, Cacao, Buchu, Oyster shells & Wine. It’s a beautiful blush liquid which can be sipped or shaken into a cocktail.

But that’s not all folks, this year in addition to the Aperitif, we have something new, something fresh and yes, it’s in a can.
We are so pleased to bring you this refreshing spritz of crisp purity of vodka with the natural sweetness of coconut water, enhanced by a zesty splash of lemon and the effervescence of soda all expertly blended to hydrate and satisfy.
The alcohol content is 4.5% and it comes in our unique 330ml can.
Made to re-energise and replenish, because your electrolytes need satisfying too.

And of course we have the perfect gift bundles with some Please goodies just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We’ve got you covered for before, during and after.