VALENTINES DAY x Pienaar & Son

· By Team PLEASE

PLEASEx and PIENAAR & SON teamed up this lovey-dovey day and created something extra spicy. To celebrate we thought we’d share some fun V-day facts to get you in the mood.

Ever wondered where Valentine's day originated? Who is Saint Valentine’s? Why is chocolate such a big thing around V-day? What exactly is an aphrodisiac? Well look no further, we’ve got some fun V-Day facts to keep in your back pocket. 

Rose - Valentines Day P&S

Who is Saint Valentine’s? 

In ancient Roman times, Valentine was actually a very popular name, and there are a number of stories of Saint-Valentine-martyrdom

One of the stories is about how a Roman Emperor declared it illegal for any Roman soldiers to marry which led a Christian priest, named Valentine, to officiate marriages in secret. 

There is another story of a different Valentine who was imprisoned for helping Christians and fell in love with the prison guard's daughter which resulted in both of them being beheaded on February the 14th, allegedly. He signed his final letter to her ‘love, your Valentine.’ 

Then there is a story about the church which hosted the feast of Saint Valentine at the same time as the Pagan festival Lupercalia which was a celebration of fertility.

But our our most direct descendent of our modern valentines day that is associated with love and romance is most likely from the English poet Jeffrey Chaucer who wrote in the 1300’s ‘for this was on Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird comes there to choose his mate’ which inspired poets of the 1400’s to write poems to their loved interests, which were coined as ‘Valentines’.


What’s with all the chocolate hearts on V Day?

So we actually have Mr Cadbury to thank for this match made in his very own chocolate factory. The Cadbury factory originally started out manufacturing teas and drinking chocolate in the 1800’s of which cocoa butter just happened to be a byproduct, leading to the genius creation of eating chocolates. It was then Richard Cadbury, John (the OG) Cadbury’s son who decided to package them into a heart shaped box and sell them as the perfect Valentine’s gift. Chocolate already had a sensual and indulgence about it but this took it to new heights.

We know that chocolate hits the spot for many, but let’s get into the real deal.

What exactly is an aphrodisiac?

The word aphrodisiac stems from the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite and can be any substance that elevates sexual desire, arousal, behaviour, performance or pleasure. It can be something you eat, or something you sip on. It could even be a synthetic substance and sometimes a placebo playing the perfect trick. Aphrodisiacs can have an effect on you, regardless of your gender identity. But what we love the most, is just the mere idea of an aphrodisiac. 

Although pleasure can be physical, it’s emotional and in your thoughts too. Just thinking about an aphrodisiac could possibly be enough to get you in the mood. The act of indulging in an aphrodisiac, whether it’s with yourself or a partner, is that extra step, it’s that intentional effort that creates excitement. 

Which is why we were completely excited at the thought of collaborating with Pienaar and son this Valentine’s Day in making our very own Please Aphrodisiac Aperitif.

Please x P&S Collab

So why not spice things, wet your palate and indulge in a sensory experience?

Explore the aromatic world of our natural aphrodisiac, that has been expertly blended to heighten any experience.

We’ve worked with some classic ingredients to get you going : Fig, Honey, Cacao, Buchu, Oyster shells & Wine. It’s a beautiful blush liquid which can be sipped or shaken into a cocktail.


P&S x Please Aphrodisiac Aperitif


We’ve partnered up our Aperitif alongside some essential Please products. Valentine’s Day shopping has never been so easy.

Get yours in time for your Valentine. Although a Please aphrodisiac aperitif is appropriate all year round, so treat yourself, a friend or anyone you love.


We love you all!