Dezemba Sex hits different

· By Team PLEASE

Whether you’re in a relationship, single af, or you could be a newlywed. Getting down in Dezemba is a ‘yes, please.’

If you haven’t already seen that tik tok (most definitely reposted onto instagram for the millennials) defining what Dezemba is, I’ll quickly recap it. In some way, it’s what inspired this article after all.

(Cue uplifting piano chords)

Dezemba. A lifestyle. A feeling. A season of festivities.
It begins around the 3rd quarter of the 10th month of the year and ends on or before the 7th day of the 1st month of the following year.
Dezemba sometimes ends with your life savings but that’s a topic for another day.
Children are conceived in Dezemba.relationships start and end in Dezemba.
You can hear Dezemba in the music, you can taste it in the food.
Drinks taste better in Dezemba.
The sun shines that much brighter. Dezemba is tangible.
People are expected, or rather encouraged to walk around shouting “ke Dezemba” at random during this season.
Pure and honest poetry to South African ears.

It got me thinking about how South Africa truly does have a complete energetic shift when it comes to this time of year. Dezemba just hits different. And so when it comes down to doing the deed, what a time Dezemba is.

Dezemba doesn’t discriminate. You can be single and horny, in a butterflies new relationship, a solid marriage, damn you can even be newly heart broken but when Dezemba comes knockin’, that door is wide open.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer, it’s the festive season, we know there’s a (bit of a) break from work or studies coming up, the line-ups are popping and sober October is distant memory as you sip on ice cold champagne with friends as the sun goes down at 8pm, in Cape Town at least.

It’s a time where we can truly let loose. Goals and resolutions are next year’s problems. Dezemba is our time to lean in and enjoy.

There’s something about sex in summer, Dezemba to be exact, that just slaps.
It’s sea-salty kisses on the beach or late night make out sessions on the kitchen floor after the jol. It’s midday cold showers to cool down that turn into something steamy leading to another cool-down-shower.

It could be that it’s the longer days that allow afternoon naps after things have gotten hot and heavy. Or perhaps because your kids are out on jols of their own, giving you and your hubby some much needed alone time.

It’s 100% that extra dose of vitamin D coupled with plummeting cortisol levels that gets you in the mood, along with less clothing in general allowing for more skin on skin contact which is always a plus.

There’s also that general and genuine feeling of freedom after a long hard year, giving you a now well deserved pat on the back. Dezemba says “I see you, you’ve earned it.”

Dezemba in its entirety is the perfect breeding ground for pure, blissful, steamy, mouthwatering sex.

So stock up on some lube (and oils, maybe some wipes, and extra toys) and dive into Dezemba head first.