The art of car sex

· By Team PLEASE

Successfully figuring out CAR-masutra

A steamy movie always involves a sex-scene in a car. On the back seat, front seat, on the bonnet or up against the door. Movie stars make it look so easy! Translating that in real life can be a little bit less glamorous.

A spontaneous event like car sex can inject a spark into the relationship. We want to provide you with the keys to this four wheeled good time and have outlined a few guidelines on how to master this.

  1. Talking about the carwash!
    First things first, make sure your car is clean and tidy. A messy car is not a vibe, especially when you are nude in it.

  2. Preparation is key. 
    Stash a box of tissues and a bottle of Lube in your cubby hole.
    Sure it might be super spontaneous but always be prepared.

  3. Location, location, location.
    We know part of the fun is the thrill of possibly being caught, but getting caught by say, the police could lead to an arrest for indecency. So, we suggest finding a reasonably secluded spot to avoid being nudely interrupted or surprised.

  4. We suggest (but not limited to) night time.
    This will limit the possibility of being caught and will also create a nice romantic mood if lit up by the moonlight.

  5. Use your car to your advantage.
    Push the front seats all the way forward or as far back, raise the steering wheel, open a window and enjoy the four wheeled drive!

  6. Turn up the volume
    Hit shuffle on one of our Please Playlists and you’ll be ready to ride.

Finally, don’t forget to lift the handbrake!