· By Team PLEASE

Inventor by necessity

You may have seen these cute rings in our shop before and thought “I wonder what those are” and if you haven’t looked into them already yet, we are so excited to share their story with you now.

Ohnut believes that your bedroom should be a place of joy, rather than one of pain. Their mission is to change the conversation about discomfort during sex, with a mission-driven wearable that customises penetration depth.

They partnered with renowned sexual medicine clinicians, holistic practitioners, and countless empathetic humans to create a product that helps make simple physical adjustments in order to better enjoy pleasure.

Pain during sex is commonplace for vulva owners, around 75%. There are numerous medical conditions that can make sex painful amongst many other reasons yet this topic is rarely mentioned. Emily Sauer took matters into her own hands by creating donut-like compressible buffer rings designed to be placed on the penis during sex.

After looking for help for over 10 years, Emily felt completely powerless in a body that she didn’t understand. She created the first donut concept (in her kitchen!) and the demand was staggering. Since launch, Ohnut is now recommended by over 5k clinicians in the US, with triumphant reviews, amidst a proud chorus of “It’s about damn time.”

The name Ohnut was inspired by the product’s original prototype, a pink frosted donut that can be adjusted to customise how deeply you are penetrated. The product got a new look after a few rounds of prototypes but the playful name remained.

When Emily first used Ohnut she explained that:
“For the first time when certain positions weren’t painful, I finally felt it wasn’t my fault like I had the choice not to be in pain. In fact, I had the choice to feel good. I felt capable, deeply connected to my partner and free. From there, Ohnut became just as much of a helpful product as it became an empowering conversation starter. A simple tangible thing that validates a shared experience, helps us all ask questions and brings us closer together.”

Ohnut’s Buffer Rings seem like a great wellness solution and are currently prescribed as a solution for painful sex by some doctors and PTs! Ohnuts biggest cheerleaders from day one have been medical professionals — OB-GYNs, pelvic floor physical therapists and other folks in the medical field have all been incredible champions of this product. The company has connected with clinicians all over the world to be able to offer Ohnut to their patients.

Emily explains that the most rewarding aspect of the brand is the feedback from customers, which has been unbelievably positive.
‘First of all, people first appreciate the way Ohnut is empowering, by acknowledging how sex can be complicated. It can make or break our self-esteem if something isn’t easy, doesn’t feel good or goes wrong. For the vulva owners who use Ohnut, many call it a “lifesaver” for their relationship and self-esteem. And the penis owners have been incredibly supportive, too. Most people don’t want to hurt their partner, so Ohnut is a fun way to figure out what feels good so that both partners can relax without worry.’

Emily wants all vulva owners to remember that painful sex is not your fault. You’re not broken. And you’re definitely not alone. Diagnoses are hard to make and oftentimes the treatment path can be unclear, however, there is a team that can help. There are good doctors who will believe you. Pelvic Physical Therapy is always a great first step, and if your current doctor doesn’t consider your pain, tell them about Ohnut. Then, find a new doctor who cares.