More lube. Yes, please.

· By Team PLEASE

Here are our top 4 Reasons why lube is worth the buy, for anyone and everyone. We’ll walk you through why it’s “ONLY A PLEASURE” darlings.

Whether you’re having a good time with a partner, playing with some toys, or maybe some anal play or any play for that matter, having a bottle of lube nearby is always a good idea.

But first let’s quickly go through what exactly lube is all about.

Personal lubricant (largely known as lube to most) is a liquid or gel or oil used during sexual activity to reduce friction between body parts or a body part and a sex toy.
Sexual lubricants increase pleasure and reduce pain during penetrative sex, masturbation, or sex toy play.

But still, many of us have a tendency to think that lube should only be used when totally needed, or once we get to a certain age. Well let’s just squash that right there. Lube is for anyone, of any age, sexual identity for whatever sexual activity you’re taking part in. If you feel like it’s going to make things more pleasurable, don’t be shy, just go for it!

Another one to debunk is that many vagina owners might think that their vaginas might get used to lube and stop producing lubrication naturally. This is absolutely not the case. Natural lubrication is hindered by health issues and menopause, which is a whole topic for another article.

Ok now that we’ve demystified the misconceptions let’s get into our top 4 reasons to reach for that lube baby.

  1. You might be turned on, but you might still need some lube.
    In essence, the vagina produces its own lubrication, which is stimulated by sexual arousal. But sometimes, you may be beyond horny but down there seems to be on a different page, which is completely normal - getting into the mood is a delicate process, not a light switch. But if you just have time for a quickie, lube can save the day. And then on the other hand if you’re going at it for a good long while, your body might not produce enough lubrication to keep you feeling good, in which case, hand over the lube. Then for penis owners, the penis unfortunately doesn't produce natural lubrication so lube is just straight up essential to getting things all slippery.

  2. Using lube for masturbation, gives you that extra time to play and figure out some likes, dislikes, new tricks and more. Solo play and lube go hand in hand friends. By keeping things wet and wild, it allows you to extend your solo session to however long you need. Why not take your time. This goes for penis and vagina owners alike.

  3. The act of reaching for your lube can actually a turn on.
    Let’s set the scene. You’re with a partner, getting all loved up, making out, and you look over to your bedside table where your lube is conveniently placed, and you lean over towards it. Your partner is definitely going to be excited by this move. And so are you. So go ahead, make lube exciting! Because it is!

  4. Lube is there to help replace pain with pleasure.
    A lot of the time, sex is painful due to friction when there’s not enough lubrication allowing things to slide and glide as they should. And yes, vaginas do produce natural lubrication, refer back to point 1. but sometimes it’s just not enough! But lube is especially necessary when it comes to anal play because nobody’s anus produces lubrication naturally. Period. And unless pain is your kink, it’s always better to lube it up before getting involved.

We hope that these points are something you’ll take with you in your future endeavours, and share with friends and lovers. And remember, lube is not just a solution to a problem. It’s an item you should have in your toolkit to make sex all the more comfortable and enjoyable.