The connection between Sex and Sleep

· By Team PLEASE

That was so pleasing, I could nap now.

Sex and Sleep are both vital to everyone's well being, quality of life and health. However the relationship between these two has often been overlooked.

The research is still ongoing, but the findings so far have demonstrated that a healthy sex life can facilitate improved sleep and that quality sleep can promote a better sex life. Sounds like an all round good time if you get into the rhythm.

So, How does sex affect sleep?
Sex before bed can improve sleep quality by releasing calming hormones and reducing stress, research says.

And how does sleep affect sex?
Sleep deprivation is likely to result in reduced sex drive and arousal in the long term. Poor sleep can lead to health disorders such as insomnia and erectile dysfunction. The lack of sleep can also lead to emotional and relationship problems as the lack of sleep may result in impaired decision making and deteriorated impulse control.

Ways to enhance Sex and Sleep:

  • Make your bedroom inviting, get that temperature, smell & lighting just right.
  • A good mattress is key to both better sex and sleep.
  • During sleep eliminate noise & light. You could look at using an eye mask, blackout curtains, calming music and possibly ear plugs.
  • Sticking to your sleep schedule, even during non-working days. Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day can have great benefits to your sleep cycle and in turn can result in more energy focused on sex.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and late heavy meals, these are all likely to interfere with your sleep at night, this will also make you more present during sex.
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes of no screen time before bed. Sex is a great option for those 30 minutes ;)
  • Ensure you do some physical activity in the day and get outdoors, and get some sun. (And sex definitely counts as a physical activity)

We hope that this has provided you with a good indication on the relationship between sex and sleep, now go play and get some good rest!