Summer Essentials

· By Team PLEASE

Our tips for keeping this summer piping hot.

Libido and temperature have an interesting correlation that perhaps you never noticed, until now. Summer is undoubtedly responsible for that healthy glow, and definitely encourages slightly more revealing clothing choices.

Summer hits us with a boost of serotonin, which affects our mood and might just assist us in creating, giving and receiving more pleasure.

Vitamin D is also known to make us a lot more horny, as it brings levels of testosterone up in males and prevents the drop in libido for women. So basically, the sun can be seen as an aphrodisiac of sorts. Love this for us!

So in light of the sun, and the above information, we thought we would give you some ‘Please’ Summer Essentials to keep this pleasure season going for as long as it can!

1. Stay hydrated

Having sex is a workout and it is hot out, so please keep yourself hydrated!
(we suggest some coconut water for that summer refresh!)

2. More lube. Yes, please.

In times of summer, aircons and fans are in use and this can lead to dryness in some instances. We always recommend having our lube handy to make sure we maximise your pleasure - Only a Pleasure.

3. Relax into it with a massage

Summer is about getting some relaxation too and what better way to start off some fun in the bedroom than with a massage. Our intimate massage oil is infused with cannabis oil to hit all the right Pleasure Points. It was formulated to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as providing stress relief.

4. Keep you smiling

We love our Smile Makers toys and they guaranteed to keep your mood enhanced through the summer time! Smile Makers is a sexual wellness brand on a mission: to inspire vulva owners to set their own standards for good sex. An invitation for moments of self-exploration, their colourful and ergonomic vibrators have been designed based on the latest research on female anatomy.

5. The Aer

Sometimes in summer there is nothing better than feeling a lightness in the air. Aer isn’t a vibrator; it’s a whole different adventure. Its pressure wave technology creates rhythmic pulses of air that’ll give even the savviest vibe users a unique thrill. Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth—perfect if oral stimulation sends you over the edge. Aer keeps the focus on your orgasm by creating a soft seal around your clitoris. If your arousal needs a kickstart, or if you just prefer a quick and intense peak, Aer gets you there.