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About Smile Makers

Smile Makers are pioneers in female sexual wellness and the first people to put vibrators front-and-centre of the world’s biggest beauty stores. They develop elegant, ergonomic sex toys and accessories you’ll want to display proudly on your nightstand – and are behind a growing global community that celebrates, and prioritises, pleasure.

Smile Makers bring sex out in the open.
Whoever you are, whatever you’re into, and whether you’re new to self-pleasure or not – they’ve got something for everyone. There’s only one rule to what they do: feel comfortable showing our mothers.

Research based on real bodies and desires.
It’s a hard job, but they figured someone had to do it. Smile Makers develop all their products themselves, basing designs on real anatomy and insights from thousands of women all over the world.

And the sex ed that you wish you’d had
Forget everything they taught (or didn’t teach) you in high school. Smile Makers has created a pleasure-positive sex education platform, Vulva Talks. Created by their community, for their community.

Smile Makers are making sexual wellness more mainstream
Since starting out in 2012, it’s been their mission to make vibrators available in everyday beauty stores. “Sexual wellness should be talked about. It affects our physical and emotional wellbeing. And some of the world’s biggest brands agreed. That’s why you’ll now find us in the likes of Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Urban Outfitters.”

They make all of our products ourselves
Their award-winning collection is based on scientific research, expert advice, and real desires – and is continuously improved based on your feedback. But, most important of all, everything’s 100% body-safe.

A global perspective on pleasure
Smile Makers team is proud to be 75% female, and brings together talent from the US, UK, Sweden, Taiwan, France, Mauritius, Singapore, Mongolia, and The Philippines.


Smile Makers was founded back in 2011. Their mission: normalise female sexuality by bringing vibrators out from behind the doors of sex shops and into mainstream retail. Shortly afterwards, they launched the first versions of The Tennis Pro, The Firefighter, The French Lover and The Billionaire.

Fun fact
The names of their four original vibrators (The Firefighter, The French Lover, The Tennis Pro and The Billionaire) are based on a global survey about the top sexual fantasies.

At that point, they were selling vibes in leading European health and beauty retailers in Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark – even as far as Israel. Plus, they launched in Standard Hotels in the US.

Fun fact
Smile Makers original collection was created for vi-curious people: people who have never used vibrators before but are curious to try.

Four years after the creation of their original vibrator collection, The Surfer joined the gang – along with their Generous Gel. Other European retailers wanted in on the action, including major stockists in the UK and France. Plus, they also conducted our first sex ed workshops with leading universities and family planning organisations in Malaysia.

Fun fact
More than 50% of us would rather find vibrators in everyday stores than sex shops. And Smile Makers are here to give the people what they want.

By 2017, they had started selling in one of the biggest names in Asia, Guardian Singapore. Plus expanded to Australia, partnered with big names in the US including Free People, Goop and Urban Outfitters. The Tennis Pro even made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

In 2019, Smile Makers launched their own sex ed program, Vulva Talks, and saw their first products on sale at Cult Beauty, FeelUnique, Beauty Bay. By 2020, they had expanded their collection in the form of The Romantic and Ballerina, and opened our first offices in the UK.

Fun fact
75% of women that received sex ed feel it didn’t prepare them to understand pleasure. That’s why Vulva Talks was created – to talk about sex, baby. The way it should be done.

In 2021, Smile Makers was launched in Sephora stores and online, – making them the first ever vibrator brand to partner with the retailer. The Poet, The Artist, their Sensorial Play collection, Silky (S)wipes and Come Connected condoms all went live. Plus, they marked our 10 year-milestone by partnering with the largest health and beauty retailer in the US, Ulta Beauty.

And now Smile Makers is available here in South Africa, ready to shop with us.

Last Fun fact
Sexual healing is a genuine thing. Arousal and orgasm are proven to boost your immune system.

You know what to do. Find your smile maker today.

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