Let’s talk about Sex Dreams

· By Team PLEASE

After reading this, you will want to go to bed.

When it comes to dreams, we don’t know much, but what we do know is that interpreting them can definitely give us a good look at our unconscious minds.

When we sleep, which makes up about a third of our lives - insane we know, even though our bodies are lame, our brains are still fully active, mainly the emotional side of our brains.

Which is why recurring dreams are more common than you think, and many of us have had dreams that are extremely similar. Ever experienced your teeth falling out? Being unprepared for a test or being extremely late? What about being naked in public or being at the wheel of an out of control vehicle? These are usually all indicative of a stress that we are feeling but are not acknowledging while awake.

The meanings of dreams span widely and vary, depending on each of us, and of course we are all unique individuals. So there is no true answer to the meaning of a dream. But when it comes to sex dreams, well we may just have some answers for you, or at least give you a key to unlock those meanings or perhaps the reason you’re having these dreams in the first place.

If you are really interested in diving into the meaning of dreams, we suggest keeping a journal next to your bed and writing down the dreams you remember in detail as you wake up, as well as what type of feelings these dreams brought up in you.

But in the meantime, we have listed a few of the most common sex dreams and what they mean for your interest.

The Celebrity Sex Dream
This one is exciting and usually common. No doubt this person is usually very attractive and you may even think of them in sexual ways in your life while awake. If you’ve had a dream like this, it usually comes down to your need to feel admired, special and important.

The “Cheating” Dream
In most cases, this does not mean you want to cheat on your partner, it is just a dream! But it could be interpreted as a subconscious desire for a big change. So maybe revive that spark, have a romantic date, sex in nature or fun with a toy!

The Group Sex Dream
An orgy involves a lot! Excitement, multiple bodies and sometimes confusion. If you’ve had a dream like this, it can be a sign of feeling overwhelmed, not necessarily in the bedroom but in life, it usually symbolises a sign to slow down.

​​The Sex in a Public Place Dream
This is usually a purely sexual dream. The meaning for this can be that you’re seeking some attention, furthermore if the location is meaningful to you, then perhaps your feelings may be tied to that location in some way.

The Ex Sex Dream
This is not a cue to rethink about that breakup, it is most likely your subconscious triggered by something involving your ex, a song you both love, an anniversary or a birthday. However, if your ex shows up in your thoughts while awake, it may be beneficial to look into the reasons why.

The Co-Worker Sex Dream
While this is a hard no from HR, above 80% of people have had a sex dream of someone they work with. This could usually point to underlying anxieties you may be feeling, without meaning you want to get it on with Matt in IT.

The Figure of Authority Dream
Moving on from co-workers to bosses, there is a clear connection here, where the person dreaming is looking for approval or you could see yourself in a more authoritative position. Don’t let the dream affect you too much in that next promotion discussion.

The Same Sex Sex Dream
If you are straight, dreaming about having sex with the same sex can be super invigorating but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bi-curious. A lot of the time it’s about the qualities that the gender represents. Think about how the sexual encounter made you feel, perhaps these are qualities you’re searching for in your awake life.

After looking at some of these interpretations, what we can ultimately understand is that sex dreams are less literal than they seem at first, but they can be indicative of other subconscious emotions and feelings. So it’s worth looking into them and trying to understand how you’re feeling, subconsciously.