Ranking our most powerful toys

· By Team PLEASE

Here’s a list of our most powerful toys from earth shattering a ‘YES, PLEASE’ to hearing colours and not knowing your own name. 

5. Chouchou

Meet Puissante's Chouchou, the cheeky contender ranking fifth in today’s list of most powerful! This dual stimulation rabbit vibrator ensures no pleasure is overlooked, delivering a multi-sensational experience every time, never-mind its dual motor feature allowing you to control the power inside and out.


4. Tenga Vibe Ring

Next up, Tenga's Vibe Ring, the electrifying sensation that secures its spot as the fourth most powerful pleasure enhancer. It also secures its spot around the penis, building pressure and allowing the vibrating attachment to sit snugly in between partners for perfectly placed clit stimulation. It blends intimacy and intensity seamlessly, ensuring some pretty powerful satisfaction for both partners.


3. The Whisperer

Number 3 on our list also happens to be the quietest toy we have on pleasesex.com, Smile Makers ‘The Whisperer’. Coated in an extra layer of body safe, higher grade silicone, the whisperer is designed to vibrate in the most hushed way while aiming to give you an experience that’s quite the opposite. This soft and quiet almost bullet with a lipstick like tip has 5 intense settings for you to choose from and is only R1199.


2. Coco

Coco is currently one of our most loved, and boy are we not surprised. Coco is a dual powered toy with a vibrator on one end and suction on the other, giving you the option to enjoy one or the other as well as bending it to be able to use both ends simultaneously. On top of that, Coco has 7 different intensities and 3 different pulsation modes on each end landing it here at no. 2 on our list of powerful toys.

1. Ollie

And finally, at the top of our list is none other than Ollie. Unbound Babes has created the most beautiful, monotone, cordless, powerful wand you’ll ever meet. Ollie only has 3 settings, but believe me, that’s all you’ll need with the amount of earthy, rumbling power the toy has to offer. An orgasm with Ollie is truly an experience like no other.

And there you have it, our most powerful, ranked.

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