Tupperware Party ? Yes, Please.

· By Team PLEASE

Ever heard of a Tupperware party? We’ve decided to reinvent the concept, just slightly.

Back in the 50’s when Tupperwares were all the rage, and new to the world as a concept in general, Tupperware parties were essential to growing the awareness around these plastic containers. Essentially, a genius marketing move by the brand, where ‘Tupperware Ladies’ (‘ambassadors’ in today’s terms) would arrange a party in their homes to show and sell Tupperwares, as a direct marketing concept, and gain commission for their sales.

Tupperware parties don’t really have a place in today’s online and instant straight to consumer world, but in a time where human interaction is dwindling the concept of a get together, talking through products face to face, getting the opportunity to touch and feel products that are so very intimate, is incredibly appealing. And honestly just plain fun.

Introducing the Tupperware Party 2.0 hosted by Team Please.

Here’s how it’ll work.

You get a crew of friends who are keen and interested. Maybe you’d like to host, or one of your friends is great at hosting get-togethers.

Maybe you’re keen to add a new sex toy to your collection, or maybe you’ve never bought a sex toy in your life. This ‘Tupperware’ Party is a space for anyone to feel comfortable and excited as we explore these products in a familiar environment.

Team Please will come to the party with all the treats on pleasesex.com. (And if there’s anything in particular that catches your eye, you can ask us to bring it along too).

We’ll take you through all the products and our ranges, explaining each item and answering all your questions. We’ll also bring some Please Aperitif along to get everyone in the mood.
Think of it as a girls or boys night with something extra. Or even an activity for a bachelorette. The aim is for it to be an evening of pure but educational fun.

If you’re interested in booking a Tupperware party, mail us at hello@pleasesex.com