Festival Sex

· By Team PLEASE

We’re up all night to get lucky.

Festival season is here and it draws large crowds of good looking, feral, and maybe slightly horny music lovers, all looking to connect with one another and very likely staying up all night to get lucky.

There is something exciting, adventurous and primal about having sex in a tent.

Let’s be real, the outfits come out at a festival, skin is shown, and people are generally looking and feeling their best. Which leads to many being turned on, not to mention all this coupled with some mood enhancing substances.

What may stand in between you and the best fest sex of your life usually revolves around either hygiene and or privacy. But then again, the privacy part can make things all the more exciting, if you’re into that sort of thing.

We’ve asked a few festival goers for their tips on having sex at a festival (names have been removed for privacy purposes).

A couple who cares:

They shared some tips or thoughts on getting it on at a fezzy:
“If all the components happen to align for you and your lover, ie. you are sober enough, you are feeling clean and fresh enough (somehow), you happen to find some privacy, the substances have not rendered you a grinning vegetable, then celebrate this magical moment and have sex under the stars. wake up wondering if it really happened…”

The veteran fezi-lover

A few must-haves: wet wipes, tissues and lube. Have them in your tent and easily accessible. Think of your future self, so you can thank your past self for a smoothly paved path aka a fabulous sexual experience at a festival.

A person who likes to set the mood:

A tip is to have a good light for a little mood setting! No one wants to have sex with a head torch on!

The Festival sex guru:

The ABC’s of entering the hedonistic realm of sensual sensations; a cape town boys journey

Altered affection – do it, explore it, be aware of it. Don’t abuse it.

BYO - bring your own blankie when taking the road less travelled. Gravel, sand, dirt just isn’t as sexy and delicious as a warm furry blanket or that cute sexy coat you’ve been prancing around in all night.

The 3 C’s – Consent, Condoms and Cuteness. Need I say more
Consent – make sure they are legal, they are conscious and they are aware of the fun about to be had. This isn’t a time to test the limits of seduction – you don’t want to be dealing with a sleeping beauty. You want them interacting and enjoying the process.
Condoms: Did you actually want that STD or baby? DO YOU? Well maybe it’s better to plan then ponder.
Cuteness: Give them your all, for you land up sharing a moment in time that is cute, cuter… and then you cum. Enjoy it.

We hope these gave you some solid ideas and inspiration to have the best fezzi sex!

If you have any festival sex advice to add to our list, give us a shout, the more the merrier!

Until then, happy camping Pleasers.