Tell me your sexual fantasy

· By Team PLEASE

Fantasies that really get people going.

Firstly, it’s totally normal to have a sexual fantasy, better yet, it might be an interesting topic of discussion at your next dinner date.

We absolutely encourage trying new things in bed, whether it’s something as simple as an oiled up massage or getting a bit more kinky with role play, sex is all about play and playing is what helps bring some spice into a relationship.

However, certain sexual fantasies might be a bit more difficult to speak about with your partner, such as group sex, or getting it on with someone else. We just want you to know that just because you are imagining yourself getting down with that cute bartender, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are looking to cheat or are in the midst of an emotional affair.

While no one quite has the same creative brain, we all have our own fantasies. However, when it comes to sexual fantasies there are a few which are more common amongst us generally. Let’s look at some of these.

Who said three's a crowd?

There is a reason for this fantasy. Number one, it sounds fun. But also, this could be a fantasy about being the centre of attention or being desired by more than one person. If you want to get into the psychology of it, it could have connotations of longing to feel seen or desired and valued. But it also could simply be that you’re curious about having a good time with more than one person. It’s up to you how deep you want to look into it.

Being dominated
When one partner relinquishes all sense of control during BDSM play, they are submissive to the person touching them, but subconsciously they are allowing themselves to be wild, to let go in orgasmic response, with no need to hold back. ‘Sub / Dom play’ definitely plays into power roles and dynamics, but no matter which role you prefer to play, it’s always about complete trust in one another and consent.

Same-sex encounters, gender-bending, and erotic flexibility.
These types of fantasies tend to lead more to liberation than sexual orientation. Gender fantasies can be suggestive of one's desire to break free of social obligations placed upon us by gendered restrictions.

Going Public
Getting it on in public can be super thrilling and gives one feeling of empowerment. The idea that there could be an audience that is getting excited with your performance, or the mere idea of getting caught could also be a huge turn on.

Sex with a Stranger
Fantasising about a stranger allows one to avoid issues of attachment, intimacy or jealousy, as it is a completely anonymous person. You can let go and feel more free while being anonymous.

Romantic location
A romantic setting is a great approach, think of a deserted beach, the sound of the waves crashing and no one around, this is a common fantasy for people and it is a “yes, please” from us.

Whatever your fantasy is, it is yours. Some fantasies may be best kept as fantasies. But there are definitely some from the list that you can act on, which can lead to some serious fun or at least an interesting conversation.