Exploring sex toys with your partner

· By Team PLEASE

Not a replacement but an addition.

Getting a sex toy with a partner is exciting, but for some, the first time may be daunting. We have some tips to help this vibe buzz smoothly through.

First and foremost is communication. Having an open dialogue with your partner about your sexual desires and what toy you both may be interested in will ultimately strengthen your relationship.

A sex toy should be about experiencing something adventurous and fun together. Make sure you are not complaining or analysing your partner’s sexual performance and that is the reason you are now looking into getting a toy. People are naturally sensitive about their sexual performance, so when suggesting the idea of a toy make sure you highlight a positive and ask the question that includes your partner's thoughts. For example: “I would love to use a sex toy with you next time, if you are into trying it?”

Being open and asking your partner if they are willing to try is sharing how you are feeling, but giving them a chance to give their input too.

Visit an online shop, such as Please, with your partner and browse to see what interests you both. Read why the toy is stocked by the company and more about the brand to understand what you are buying into. Use a live chat if you have any specific questions or drop an email to ask for help. Alternatively make an outing of it and visit a store or one of our pop ups, ask the questions in person and let your mind and relationship be expanded.

That being said, a sex toy is bound to add some spice to your relationship and will be a fun time for you together.

Come one, come all.