Tease and Please: Mastering the Art of Edging

· By Team PLEASE

"Edging" is the alluring art of dancing on the brink of orgasm without quite diving in, keeping the suspense alive and the pleasure sizzling. Think of it as the ultimate tease, where you flirt with the peak of ecstasy, pull back just before the grand finale, and then do it all over again. This cheeky practice can turn a regular romp into a thrilling rollercoaster of delight.

Understanding the Game

Edging is essentially a slow burn. It’s all about playing the long game with pleasure, getting in tune with your body's signals, and knowing exactly when to pump the brakes. It’s kind of like riding a wave—you want to stay just ahead of the crest without wiping out.

So how do we play?

Warm UpStart with some steamy build-up, getting yourself or your partner all revved up. This can be solo or with company—your call.

Ease OffWhen you're close to the edge, slow things down or hit pause. This could mean changing the tempo, switching up the touch, or taking some deep, calming breaths.

Catch Your Breath - Let the intense waves of pleasure recede a bit, but keep the engine idling. This is your time to breathe, relax, and maybe throw in a little anticipation.

Rev Up Again - Get back into the groove, ramping up the excitement until you’re once again dangling deliciously on the edge.

Repeat this cycle as many times as you fancy.

The Big Finish - When you're ready, let go and ride that wave to a spectacular, toe-curling climax. The buildup makes the release all the more explosive!

So what’s the shtick with edging?

Crazy Orgasms - The suspense and delay can lead to mind-blowingly intense orgasms that make the wait oh-so-worth it.

Physical Self Awareness - You get super in-tune with your own or your partner’s pleasure signals, making you a maestro of sexual response.

Longer Playtime - Stretch out the fun, turning a quickie into an epic session of sensual delight.

Pelvic Power - The repeated tension and release can give your pelvic muscles a workout, which is great for your overall sexual health.

Bonding Boost - For couples, it’s a game of give and take that can deepen intimacy and communication. After all, you’re in it together!

Just a Few Tips before jumping in

Know Your LimitsDon’t push yourself to the point of discomfort. Edging should be a pleasure, not a pain.

Talk it Out - If you’re with a partner, keep the lines of communication open to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Stay Focused - It takes some concentration to master the edge, but practice makes perfect!

In closing, edging is the oh so tasty practice of delaying orgasm to crank up the pleasure and unleash an electrifying climax. It’s a playful, intimate dance that can take your sexual experiences to thrilling new heights. So, whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, why not tease yourself with a little edging and see where the waves take you?


Team Please