The Indian Jade Slim

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Please, tell me more.

The Indian Jade - Slim is a pleasure wand made from pure green aventurine, which is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals.

Why is it a yes please from us?

This green aventurine instills a sense of optimism and zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. Its gentle green colour resonates with the heart chakra and it can be used for harmonising the emotional body and attracting love. It enhances creativity and motivation, encouraging perseverance in manoeuvring through life’s obstacles. Green aventurine is known for helping to release old patterns, habits, and behaviours so that new growth can take place.

Green Aventurine:

  • is the stone of luck and earth energy
  • stimulates the heart chakra to rejuvenate the physical body
  • calms chaotic thoughts and grounding one’s energy
  • resolves blockages and rebalances the root chakra
  • reconnects you to the energy of abundance and luck
  • supplements earth energy back into your field

PLEASE remember to use lubes with your Chakrub ONLY A PLEASURE

We believe that by purchasing your Chakrub, you tell the universe you are ready to explore what it means to be activated by your own sensual body. You are ready to delve into your humanness, your divinity, to heal wounds that may hold you back, to discover what is unique about you.


Product Details

  • Weight: 0.5 lb (226.8g)
  • Measured Flat: 7”(17.8cm) long and 1.33”(3.4cm) wide
  • Circumference: 2.5”(6.35cm) small end and 3.5”(8.9cm) large end
  • Arrives in a keepsake box or pouch
  • Chakrubs do not require batteries

About Chakrubs

Chakrubs are sex toys made from natural crystal that bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime. These beautiful, hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields. When our energetic bodies are at ease, we are at ease, we are open to healing, to peace, to love, to all of life's pleasures.
‘Chakrubs’ derives from Chakra, a Sanskrit word describing energy wheels. Chakrubs urge you to feel deeply, passionately, subtly. Light up your chakras, and create an intentional practice that not only gets you off, but turns you on in a way in which you will remain turned on and awakened with a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom.

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