Spotlight: Puissante

· By Team PLEASE

About Puissante

Puissante is a brand that sets women free from taboos. Puissante have made it their mission to reincorporate pleasure into the concept of wellness. Each accessory is designed as a compass which you use to explore your own relaxation map. It's a way of taking a suspended break where you really look after yourself.

And when you allow yourself to embark on this process, the delights are tenfold. The metamorphosis is radical and spreads into our daily life. As well as these intense personal experiences, we also increase our confidence, our autonomy and our power. In the end, this object is only the key that opens the door to a deeper reconnection with oneself.

Ready to embark on this journey and discover yourself? - Shop Puissante.

Marie Comacle is the founder of Puissante, she embarked on the Puissante adventure in 2019 after studying engineering. She had this idea in mind for years having tried a vibrator younger. She found the experience absolutely wonderful even if the looks from her friends made her understand the strange nature of the thing!
She then became interested in this taboo and after having participated in a good number of workshops around these subjects, the conclusion was quite clear: many women discover themselves late and have difficulty letting go.

So she wanted to create a brand that explains the importance of all that. The importance of touching to know each other. The importance of saying loud and clear that this is normal, that there is no shame in it, no feeling of guilt to be had.

Puissante’s products are premium quality and are unique in many ways aside from their beautiful aesthetic, among many other reasons that is why it is a “YES, PLEASE.” from us.