Simultaneous orgasms

· By Team PLEASE

The double O. Did we just have an orgasm at the same time?

Sex is not all about the big O, it’s about the journey and all that happens along the road. But orgasms do feel pretty, pretty good and we totally understand why we chase them, the way we do. But what’s better than a single orgasm, you may wonder. Well, it’s the ever so elusive simultaneous orgasm. That magical moment when you and your partner reach that beautiful state at the exact same time. Absolute bliss.

We would like you to experiment with simultaneous orgasm, but let us be real, this is not the norm, so please don’t think you’re not normal if you are unable to. To be fair, cumming at the same time is not the norm. But we should all at least give it a go right? Here are some tips on how to best align those stars and reach that wonderful moment at the same time.

Homework is not limited to work or studies
Get to know yourself, understand what turns you on and what doesn’t. This will help both you and your partner in the bedroom. You may find something new that you like, such as a part of your body you have never touched or maybe it’s some good ol’ dirty talk. Also think about setting the mood and intention before entering into any touch, light a scented candle, have an aphrodisiac element, be it some cherries or a drink of your choice.

Communication is key
Let your partner know what you like or dislike and in turn let them share the same. Other recommendations to assist in climaxing are to make sure you are using lube (if you are not already), try a new position and spend more time on foreplay. Simple check ins are sexy and thoughtful, such as: “A little slower.” “How does that feel?” “Can we use more lube.” “Don’t stop.” “I’m close.”

The orgasm gap
As mentioned before, the orgasm gap is real. Women experience orgasms far less frequently than men, especially during penetrative, penis-in-vagina sex. So we suggest you increase the amount of foreplay, focus on clitoral stimulation and introduce a vibrator during intercourse or foreplay. Mutual masturbation may be the answer here, because what is hotter than seeing your partner turned on?

Don’t be afraid to reapply. We see lube as an enhancer to the overall experience, making things far more enjoyable and increasing pleasure which leads closer to the big O.

Let go and relax
Sure we’ve got a goal we’re reaching for, but let’s not put a huge amount of pressure on the outcome, enjoy the ride! Sex is a stress reliever and helps you get out of your head, so when it comes to coming, whether on your own or simultaneously, take the pressure off.

A new position, how fun
Partnered climax is a lot more possible with positions that have a bit more clitoral stimulation, especially during P in V sex. So try a new position, you won’t regret it. Women on top will also make it easier to control the pace of sex while riding. Cowgirl position is optimal for simultaneous orgasms as it allows for either partner's hands or a vibrator to be involved in clitoral stimulation, while riding. 69’ing can also lead to some fireworks and possible simultaneous orgasm. Doggy style is a great position if your partner enjoys G-spot stimulation, along with some added clitoral fun, which can be a great new position to reach the double O.

So there you have it, just some ways to try to reach that blissful place together. If it didn't happen this time round, at least you had a ton of fun trying all of the above together with your partner. No harm in a little fun while strengthening your relationship with yourself and your partner.