Mutual Masturbation, It’s a Yes From Us.

· By Team PLEASE

In celebration of Masturbation May, we wanted to talk about mutual masturbation. The when, hows, the why it’s a big yes from us, and will be for you too.

Here at please we encourage you to speak openly about sex and masturbation, which also includes the equally exciting topic of mutual mutual masturbation.

What exactly is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation refers to partners being in the same space while pleasuring themselves. It’s all about pleasuring yourself, not your partner, while your partner is also pleasuring themselves. A bonding activity for sure.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Mutual Masturbation

1. It builds trust and safety

Building sexual safety is a big topic for couples for many reasons. Perhaps you or your partner has a history of sexual trauma and direct sexual contact feels too threatening. This is where mutual masturbation may be a stepping stone to experience sexual activity together with the safety of only touching yourself. Another reason it may build safety is when a partner struggles with performance anxiety. Pleasuring themselves next to their partner can be a way for them to become more comfortable with sexual activity without feeling like they need to perform.

2. It adds variety

Another advantage to mutual masturbation is that it builds variety into your sexual repertoire. It's easy for things to become predictable and kind of boring in the bedroom and for heterosexual couples to become too penetration focused rather than clitoral focused. Therefore, mutual masturbation can be a nice addition to the variety of things to choose from your sexual menu.

3. Shared experience

Another great reason to try mutual masturbation is that it creates a shared experience. Both of you pleasuring yourself and reaching climax at roughly the same time can be extremely bonding. The more couples do any type of shared activity together the more bonded they tend to feel to one another, especially if it's sexual activity.

4. Increased vulnerability

Reason number 4 to try mutual masturbation is it increases the level of vulnerability in your relationship. Pleasuring yourself is a highly personal activity that usually no one else has ever witnessed. Therefore, allowing your partner to witness it and all of your breathing, movements, and sounds that come with is an extremely vulnerable act and subsequently will only strengthen your bond

5. Teaches you how to touch your partner

The final benefit to mutual masturbation is it shows you how your partner likes to be touched. It allows you to study them to see how they touch their body, what type of motion they use, how much pressure they apply, etc. This is vital information to learn so you can implement it the next time you touch their body.

There you have it, the core reasons why mutual masturbation can be super helpful in building safety, adding variety, creating shared experiences, increasing vulnerability, and teaching you how to touch your partner.