Music & Sex

· By Team PLEASE

The music sounds better with you baby.

There is something about music and sex that just feels right, like summer and swimming, butter and bread, you get the gist, it just feels so damn good and so damn right.

Undoubtedly, there is some hard science and research as to why it feels this way, which we found pretty neat and so we’ve summarised a few of the key points for you.

But first we’d like to share this local mood setter that hits the spot every time.

“Have you ever been in love?
Like totally, heartbreakingly, soul shakingly, in love
That life giving love.
That life makes sense, kind of love.
That kind of love that makes all other loves pale.”
Kid Fonque (Feat. Sio)

A nice rhythm, beat and smooth lyrics are always going to assist in setting the mood.

Music can help in taking away the anxiety of fear that one may feel before having a sexual encounter. Pleasurable music can assist the body in getting prepared for sexual pleasure. The sounds of a beat or another voice can assist in blocking out any negative thoughts during sex, not that there should be any, you are sexy!

Music is the perfect wingman, not only guiding you in setting the perfect mood, but also keeping you focused and in the moment.

If you live in an apartment or house with others and feel courteous to block out the sounds, a sex playlist is always a good idea, although, I think your roommate may start to figure out your playlist, don’t worry we will be helping you with some constant new ones.

We can think of the psychological impact between music and sex like this…
Breathing and heart rate are indicators of arousal and music increases both breathing and heart rate.
Pleasure-seeking parts of the brain are awoken by music which are the same receptors that are stimulated by sex.
More specially, Dopamine is released when we listen to music and yep, you guessed it, dopamine is that sexy chemical responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.

Some people may prefer the sounds of their partner being aroused or heavy breathing, this can still be found whilst listening to music, turn it down a little or even better, listen to some sex music which includes others breathing, moaning, panting and whispering.

Always consider the rhythm of your playlist as the music itself can assist the rhythm of movement in sex, adjust your playlist to suit your personal rhythm. Lyrics can also have a huge effect on intimacy and emotions during sex, elevating the experience and strengthening the bond.

If you’re like me in that your love language consists of sharing songs on the daily, sharing a playlist with a lover will surely create some excitement and even a bond. I mean, what’s better than having a joint playlist in a coming together of genitals? Exactly.

Follow PLEASE on spotify for some sex playlists, we sure they should get you in the mood. Light a candle and use a toy and have “the time of your life”.