Let's Bring Love Letters Back

· By Team PLEASE

Put that pen to paper!

In a time before instagram, gifs and whatsapp, partners in love would communicate through handwritten messages. There is something about writing one’s thoughts for another which shows true raw emotion of human passion.

While gifts are always a plus, a handwritten love note is able to convey the love shared in a more intimate way.

We have done some research and thought, why not be a helping hand and guide you on how to structure a love letter. So you can be sure to get your thoughts down and share them with the one or two or more you love.

Begin with a layout
Start by jotting down the key points of what you want to say first before starting on this love note. Once you have a sticky note with some clear points and thoughts, get out the fancy paper.

Be specific
More personalised words give more meaning to the letter and your emotion for the person. Think about all the things you love about your partner, or whoever is on the receiving end of this letter, how they make a difference in your life daily and how they make you a better person.

You are who they love
So be yourself. Write down the words as if you were speaking to them in person and be uniquely you.

The fun part is the delivery
This is the best part of a handwritten love note, you get to be sneaky and thoughtful about how you hand it over. Leave it under your partner's pillow, in their jacket, or on the coffee counter, the choice is yours. 

I like to add some personal drawings too, as these always come out in a fun and meaningful way, even if the illustrations aren’t great quality.

I am off to write mine now, you should too!