How to give a good massage

· By Team PLEASE

A good, relaxing rub down can only lead to some good things.

Giving a massage is a great way to get to know somebody, to get comfortable through touch, understand their sensory preferences, and essentially, talk openly about it all.

This all sounds fucking great, and so, you’re here to get some tips and tricks that will hopefully help extend a little extra magic into those hands of yours. So let’s get into it.


Setting the scene :

First things first is let’s set the mood, some ambiance. A candlelit space is simple yet effective in creating a calming energy.

Put on some music to get in the zone. If you need some help in the music department, we got you! We’ve got a few playlists ready to go.

Make sure you are using some massage oil or even better a massage candle to help you glide.

Go slow. We know touch can lead to arousal, but going slow will ensure the person you are massaging is fully relaxed and enjoys the massage. We recommend that a massage should be at least 5 to 7 minutes to completely feel the relaxation.

Getting into it :

Your number 1 priority is to make sure the person you are massaging is feeling good and not in any pain whatsoever. The best way to do this? Check in as much as you feel is needed. Questions like: Is the pressure right? Please let me know if it is sore at any moment? Does this feel like a knot to you? Communication is key.

When giving a massage, it is important to never put pressure on any bones, especially the spine and tailbone.

Work the muscles in the arms, back, chest, feet, legs and shoulders.

Ease into the soft, fleshy muscles and use a gentle touch to knead them with your hands.

Some guidance on methods :

  • Flat palms are useful for the initial compression work, spreading the oil and warming up an area.
  • Fingers & thumbs enables you to squeeze, wring, grasp and lift up muscles.
  • Hand on hand creates deeper compression strokes.
  • Your forearm is great for lengthy parts of the body such as the back or back of the legs, useful in taking some pressure off the hands.
  • Feel around with the palms and fingers and thumbs, feeling out the tension.
  • Place your hand on hand and glide down the lengthy part of the body applying pressure.
  • Make small, deep circles along the length of the muscles with your thumbs.
  • Use a guided elbow on soft fleshy muscles that need some attention, mainly on the back.
  • Use a striping stroke sideways and lengthways on the neck.

Now that we’ve given you a few hints and nudges, we hope you’ll feel excited and more comfortable to really go for it when giving your next massage, but always remember that everyone is different - different strokes for different folks - literally. So ultimately communication is your best friend and our no 1 tip to giving a good massage.

Good luck and massage well Pleasers!


Team Please