Dirty Talk for beginners

· By Team PLEASE

At its core, talking dirty is simply about being comfortable having confidence with the person you are with.

So let’s get comfortable and start chatting more in the bedroom, or wherever you prefer to do the deed.

Erotic talk, dirty talk, naughty talk, sexting you name it there is a time and place for it.

Like a sex toy, dirty talk can exponentially spice up your sex life. 

The start can be slow and believe me, it is totally fine if you don’t know what to do.  

The best part about all things sex and intimacay related, is that it’s all about working on your own self confidence, and feeding off of the person you are, working together, exploring and getting to a point where you have an open naughty level of communication. Sounds like fun.

Ok so we’re feeling excited, but where to begin, what to say?

There are thousands of things you could say, but seeing as this is a guide for beginners, we’ll start off with the basics and move from there. It would be our absolute pleasure to provide you with our guidance.


Start with single words

Something to keep in mind as a beginner dirty talker, is that simply one word can be considered dirty talk - so you may already be a beginner heading to intermediate without even knowing it.

Simple words, like ‘Yes’, ‘More’, ‘Harder’, ‘Faster’ or even moans and groans are key to getting into dirty talk.


Consent / Questions

Consent is always key, and the same goes for Dirty Talk.

So here at Please, we suggest asking the person you’re with, if they are into talking dirty before going through with it.

You could ask it as simply as “What are your thoughts on dirty talk?” and then take it from there.

One way to talk dirty is asking your partner what they want, or what they want you to do.

Nothing better than “I love it when you…” or “do you like it when I…”. It’s directional and helpful, you’re getting to understand each other's likes while getting turned on.

You can also ask the person you’re being intimate with, how they would like you to refer to their intimate parts and vice versa. Take the word ‘pussy’ for example. Some women may love this word, while others may not.



There’s nothing better than getting a compliment in the bedroom. But please also remember that compliments are key outside of the bedroom too. We all want to be told we are hot and sexy when are are naked and about to have sex and also while we’re cooking dinner or doing laundry. Everyone loves a good old genuine compliment, and it can definitely be considered dirty talk in the right context.


So with these 3 tips in mind, Single words, Consent / Questions and Compliments, I’ll leave you to test out the waters before coming back for the more pro-dirty talking tips.

It’s all about communication at the end of the day. It’s really important for your dirty talk to elevate the experience. The more you can talk about sex outside of the bedroom, the more comfortable you’ll feel talking dirty in the bedroom.

And the more confidence you gain with your dirty talking skills, the more improvement you’ll see in communication outside of the bedroom. 

And remember, there is no right and wrong here. It’s all about aligning with one another’s preferences.