Can sex toys impact sensitivity?

· By Team PLEASE

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether using a vibrator or any sex toy could possibly reduce your sensitivity , you’re not alone! Here at Please, this is one of the most common questions that continues to come up when we engage with anyone curious about sex toys. And it absolutely is an important question to ask. So in response, we thought it would be great to consolidate some research and give you some answers.

We’re in the business of normalising sex, sex toys and being more open to the world of pleasure, but it does seem like many of us are here worrying about over stimulation or the possibility of less sensitivity.

When in reality, and unsurprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. Research shows that vibrators actually benefit our sexual wellness and enhance pleasure. They’re associated with a positive sexual function and increased desire.

Let’s define Sensitivity

When we talk about sensitivity in a sexual context, we mean how well you can feel and enjoy sexual stimulation. There are multiple variables that your sensitivity can be influenced by like hormones, nerve function, mental health, and even your relationship with your partner.

Then if we take a look at sex toys today, they come in all shapes and sizes—vibrators, dildos, anal toys, and more. They're designed to give you a boost in pleasure through vibrations, suction, or penetration. The big question is whether these intense sensations can make you less sensitive over time.

Let’s talk Science

1. Nerve Desensitisation: 
Good news! There's no solid evidence showing that sex toys cause permanent nerve damage or long-term desensitisation. You might feel a bit numb if you use a toy intensely for a long period, but this usually goes away after a short break.

2. Psychological Factors: Sometimes, people get so used to the intense feelings from sex toys that regular sexual activities might seem less exciting. This isn't about physical sensitivity but more about what your brain has gotten used to. Mixing things up and talking openly with your partner is what will help most in this situation.

3. Frequency of Use: Moderation is key. Using sex toys too often can make your body get used to a certain type of stimulation. Like with most things in life, variety keeps things fresh.

What the Experts Say

Sexual health experts agree that sex toys are safe and can be a great addition to your sex life. Which is exactly what we like to say here at Please. Sex toys are an addition to your sex life, and should not be treated as a replacement. They stress the importance of listening to your body and mixing up your routines. Communication with your partner is also crucial for a satisfying and sensitive sexual experience.


Tips for Keeping Sensitivity High

Take Breaks: Give your body a rest between intense toy sessions.

Variety is Key: Mix up your sexual activities to keep your experiences exciting.

Mindfulness: Stay in tune with your body's responses through mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Talk it Out: Discuss your needs and any concerns with your partner to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Seek Advice: If you notice persistent changes in sensitivity, talk to a healthcare provider or sexual health expert.



So, does using sex toys lead to decreased sensitivity? Not really. While you might feel a temporary change if you go overboard, it's usually nothing to worry about. The key is to use them responsibly, mix up your routines, and keep an open dialogue with your partner. Enjoy exploring, and remember that variety and moderation will help keep your sexual experiences satisfying and sensitive.