Bedrock Bedroom

· By Team PLEASE

Sex life during the caveman/woman times

A clubbing Neanderthal is often the image that comes to mind when we think of prehistoric sex.

Unfortunately we have no records as to what sex was like in the times of bedrock. However palaeontologists, yes Ross from friends immediately comes to mind, have been able to obtain a decent amount about what our cave ancestors got up to.

In the tribal days sex was seen as a bit of a free-for-all. Only after the introduction of the concept of property (+/- 8000BCE) was the family as we know it today born. Essentially from that time onwards monogamy was given light.

Stone age beings realised what sex could lead to… women bringing life into this world.

Interestingly enough, Homo sapiens and Neanderthals were keen on getting busy, despite being from a different species. Neanderthal genes can be found in a lot of modern humans and this is a result of the interbreeding of the 2 many years ago.

Back in those days, there was lots of free time, to think or please oneself. It is believed that cave-dwellers definitely took a liking to masturbation as depicted by clay figurines and carvings.

“Scientists have recently re-assembled what they claim to be a 28 000-year old sex toy from siltstone fragments found in a cave near the southern German city of Ulm. The 8-inch long prehistoric tool they’ve pieced together certainly looks for all the world like a prehistoric dildo. They base their deduction on the size, shape and polished surface of the object.

What’s perhaps even more remarkable is that when the device was not being used as a sex aid, it may have provided a handy utensil for striking flints to light fires. A Stone Age girl’s best friend in more ways than one.” (Andrew Luyt, Health24)